01 Fractal Fingers
The effect of fractal fingering can be observed if a droplet of an ink-alcohol mixture is deposited onto diluted acrylic paint. How are the geometry and dynamics of the fingers influenced by relevant parameters?
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  • Acrylic paint fractals

    Observation of fractal fingers by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

  • Fast Fractal Fingering in Fructose Fluids

    Exploring fast fractal fingering phenomena involving a dye spreading on a surface of a Xanthan gum water solution and study of the role of the gum concentration.

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  • Fingering versus stability in the limit of zero interfacial tension

    The invasion of one fluid into another of higher viscosity in a quasi-two dimensional geometry typically produces complex fingering patterns. A rich variety of patterns were characterized by the viscosity ratio between the inner and the outer fluid.

  • Fractal growth viscous fingers: quantitative characterization of a fluid instability phenomenon

    Water was used to push a more viscous but miscible, non-newtonian fluid in a Hele-Shaw cell. The resulting viscous finger instability was found to be a fractal growth phenomenon. Reproducible values of the fractal dimension were found and were interpreted using a modification of the diffusion limited aggregation model.

  • Simulation of Dendritic Painting

    Detailed simulation of the painting technique with Reaction-Diffusion model.

  • Viscous flows in two dimensions

    Detailed review which describes the phenomenom numerically and analytically.