17 Arrester Bed
A sand-filled lane results in the dissipation of the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle. What length is necessary for such an arrester bed to entirely stop a passively moving object (e.g. a ball)? What parameters does the length depend on?
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  • Friction and Smoothness of a Surface

    Basic explanation of friction of sand (and other materials).

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  • Rolling friction on a granular medium

    Experimental study for the rolling of spheres on a granular bed.

  • Rolling resistance of a spherical pod on a granular bed

    The motion of a spherical ball rolling without slipping or plowing on a granular bed is studied. A definition of the rolling resistance force and torque is supposed. A simplified model predicts the velocity independence and suggests an inverse dependence of the rolling resistance coefficient on the reduced inertia of the ball.

  • Rolling resistance on sand

    Experiments are conducted to measure the resistance experienced by cylindrical shells rolling over flat beds of several granular media. The results are compared to a theoretical model based on Mohr-Coulomb rheology.