13 Ponyo’s Heat Tube
A glass tube with a sealed top is filled with water and mounted vertically. The bottom end of the tube is immersed in a beaker of water and a short segment of the tube is heated. Investigate and explain the periodic motion of the water and any vapour bubbles observed.
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  • Pop-Pop Boats Are Weirder Than You Think

    Basic explanation of the phenomenon by a so called "pop-pop boat"

  • Pulsating heat pipe

    Presentation and basic explanation of phenomenon (in russian!).

  •  Wissenschaftliche Artikel
  • Physical principles and state-of-the-art of modeling of the pulsating heat pipe: A review

    Detailed review of physical principles in open- and closed end heat pipes.

  • Theoretical and experimental modelling of an open oscillatory heat pipe including gravity

    An open oscillatory heat pipe is capable of transferring heat from a source to a sink below the source, against the force of gravity, without the aid of a wick or any moving mechanical parts. A theoretical model of such a device taking gravity, surface tension, friction and pressure into account is presented. The model uses vapour bubble, liquid plug and liquid film control volumes. An experimental model is constructed and tested using water as the working fluid.