14 Jet Refraction
A vertical jet can be refracted when passing through an inclined sieve with a fine mesh. Propose a law for such refraction and investigate relevant parameters.
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  • Jet Refraction - IYPT 2023

    short presentation of phenomenon.

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  • Flow "reflexion" and " refraction" on perforated wall

    Fluid flow on a wall consisting of a spatially periodic rods of very simple oval cross section is analysed. The flowfield in the vicinity of the impact is quite complex and strongly Reynolds-number dependent.

  • Flow through a thin porous layer (grid)

    This paper gives a hydrodynamic formulation of the problem of flow though a grid. The formulated coupling conditions on the grid contain two characteristics: the resistance coefficient and the refractive index, which are connected by a universal relation, independent of the grid resistance law and the nature of the flow.